My Top 10 Doctor Who Themes PART II


Well I mentioned how because of my love for Doctor Who, I had decided to do a Top 10 list of My favorite Doctor Who Themes. I have already done Part I, which had Numbers, 10-6. Now without further a do here it is folks, Part II of My Top 10 Doctor Who Themes!

5. Doctor Who Theme (Christopher Eccleston, The Ninth Doctor, David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, 2005-2007)

This was the first theme to kick off the revival of Doctor Who in 2005. It was arranged by Murray Gold and had a very classic sound to it, even using the same theme by Delia Derbyshire from 1967. The theme itself used drums, a loud horn, and strings that were played rapidly upward and downward giving the theme more depth. The opening sequence showed The TARDIS flying down a spiraling blue time vortex appearing as though it were being tossed around like a ragdoll, which I thought looked really cool! The camera then zoomed in the TARDIS as it slowly turned 180 degrees while the time vortex turned red and The TARDIS fell into the time vortex and disappeared from view. The actors’ names appeared, and then the titles quickly spun into focus, before flying above and disappearing from view! When I first was catching up on New Doctor Who, I wasn’t too keen on this theme, but it slowly grew on me. This theme and title sequence has to be one of my favorites, the theme evokes classic Doctor Who, but also adds something new to it, bringing new life to the original theme!

4. Doctor Who Theme (David, Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, 2008-2010) 

This theme which first was heard in the episode “Partners in Crime” in Series 4 was also arranged by Murray Gold. The opening title sequence did not change and would stay the same until David Tennant left the show in 2010. This theme was a modified version of the theme that was played at the beginning of “Voyage of The Damned” and had a much faster pace than previous themes, and kept the rapidly played strings and drums, but with an increased pace, giving it this epic and intense feeling. The increased pace gave the theme a sense of urgency and was one of my personal favorites!


3. Doctor Who Theme (David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, 2007)

Another theme arranged by Murray Gold that was heard in the opening titles of The 2007 Christmas Special “Voyage of The Damned.”  Even though a modified version of this theme was heard throughout the rest of David Tennant’s run as The Doctor, this theme was heard at the end credits of every episode in series 4. This theme introduced heavy bass guitar played along with the rapidly played strings and the return of drums, giving it this heavy and powerful sound. The bass guitar gave the theme along with the drums and strings a much quicker pace, and made the theme more intense. This theme really captured the idea of how exciting, scary, dangerous, and thrilling it would be to travel and go on adventures with The Doctor!


2. Doctor Who Theme (The Doctor, The Day of The Doctor 2013)

This theme arranged by Murray Gold was first heard at the end credits of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of The Doctor.” The closing sequence showed each actor’s face who has portrayed The Doctor since the inception of the program appear in a time vortex, to celebrate 50 years of a great show. This theme brought back the faster pace, and fast drums, similar to the themes during David Tennant’s run. There was no fanfare in the opening of the theme, and hadn’t been present since Matt Smith’s opening theme in 2010. This theme made The Doctor sound more heroic, for good reason, but as River would say, Spoilers! I really enjoyed this theme, it had some old elements in it, but also introduced some new elements as well. The Day of The Doctor Theme is one of my favorite Doctor Who themes, but I had to the reserve the number one spot for….


1. Doctor Who Theme (Peter Capaldi, The Twelfth Doctor, 2014-???) 

Another Doctor Who theme arranged by Murray Gold, that introduced a new theme and a new opening sequence! This theme and new opening sequence was first heard in the first episode of Series 8, Deep Breath, which was Peter Capaldi’s debut episode as The Doctor! I know a lot of people seem to hate this theme, especially the whiny part near the end of the opening titles, even comparing it to a screeching cat lol, but I really like this theme for many reasons. First of all the opening sequence is original and originality is always welcome on Doctor Who especially considering it’s almost 51 years old! The opening sequence was actually fan made and designed by Billy Hanshaw  (a graphic designer) who made his own version of the opening titles before Series 8 aired and it was announced Peter Capaldi was cast as the new Doctor. Apparently Steven Moffat (The show-runner of Doctor Who) saw Hanshaw’s titles on Youtube and had another executive producer get in touch with him! The whole opening sequence is so original and interesting to me!

The opening sequence starts as the viewer travels through a bunch of cogs and gears, with bells and the bassline heard as the theme starts, then a white light is shown as we exit the cogs and gears and we see the TARDIS appear out of a swirling vortex that looks like a clock face.

The TARDIS then spins and disappears from view into the swirling vortex that stretches out and changes to Gallifreyan text (as the theme, gets higher pitched evoking the Peter Howell and Dominic Glynn themes of classic who) as planets zoom by and stars and the new turquoise-tinted time vortex appear and then the actors’ names appear and then we see Peter Capaldi’s face with an emphasis on his eyebrows and signature stare! The TARDIS appears and flies by to the left and spins out of view!

I love this theme and opening sequence, it’s so different than previous ones we’ve had! I really love how this new theme has elements of New Who and Classic Who, creating a great blend of new and old! Maybe I’m alone, but I’ve come to love the high pitch whine near the end of the intro, it evokes classic who! I love the synthesizer sound used during the transition and the electronic sounds throughout, and the whole steam punk feel to the opening sequence! I love the idea of using cogs, and the face of a clock along with combining planets and stars, giving the viewer a full sense of what it’s like to travel as The Doctor or one of his companions! The new Doctor Who theme has brought back that eerie, haunting sound that has been missed since the classic who themes, and that’s why I put it at Number One on My Top 10 Doctor Who themes!


What about you? What is your favorite Doctor Who theme? Do you like the new theme? Do you dislike the new theme and if so what do you not like about it? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Doctor Who Themes PART II

    • Me too, it’s so good! It sounds a lot like Peter Davison’s intro, mixed with some of Patrick Troughton’s intro, which I love. The synth has turned off a lot of people and some people have criticized the opening title sequence saying it looks cheap! I love the whole intro.

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