The Walking Dead “Strangers” Recap/Review (9/10)


After last week’s incredible premiere, I wasn’t expecting too much from this new episode, but boy was I wrong! Leave it to The Walking Dead to end the episode with a total “WTF?! Moment” and shock the hell out of me! Don’t worry, I’ll explain.


Okay, so when we last saw Rick and the gang, they had successfully escaped Terminus with the help of Carol and her total and complete awesomeness.

At the start of the episode we find our group on the move looking for supplies: food, water and ammo. Rick and the group are walking down a road (in very cool slow-mo bad-ass action mode) and hear a scream coming from the woods. Carl convinces Rick to go help whoever is screaming, and Rick, Daryl, Carl and the others start running into the woods. We find out the person screaming is a priest who is stuck on a giant boulder, surrounded by walkers who are trying to grab and eat him. Rick and the others kill all of the zombies and help the priest down from the boulder. The priest says his name is Gabriel and Rick asks him the standard three questions: 1) How Many walkers have you killed? 2) How many people have you killed? 3) Why? Gabriel says he hasn’t killed any walkers or people and when Rick asks why he says that “God abhors violence.” Rick seems to be okay with his answers, but doesn’t seem to trust him. Rick asks if he has shelter and Gabriel says he has been living in a church for 17 months which he promptly leads the group to.

Once the group reaches the church, Rick asks Gabriel if he has supplies, especially weapons. Gabriel says he has no need of weapons and tells them that before the apocalypse happened he had a food drive, and once he knew people were turning into walkers, he hoarded all of the food in his church and scavenged for whatever else he might need. Gabriel tells Rick and the group about a food bank not too far from the church that is filled with walkers. Rick has a quick chat with Carl about never letting his guard down, and helping Tyreese protect Judith.

Rick still not too sure about Gabriel forces him to come with him, Michonne, Sasha, and Bob to the food bank. Rick, finds the food bank and discovers there are three walkers in a flooded basement preventing them from getting the containers of food. Rick has a plan to move some shelves with the help of Michonne, and while they are doing this Gabriel is almost killed by a walker, but Rick saves him. Sasha and Bob are fighting off walkers when Bob is pulled under the water! Luckily Sasha saves Bob and the group leaves the food bank with the containers of food.

Rick, Gabriel, Sasha, Michonne and Bob return to the church and Carl shows Rick two things he found 1) scratches near a window, indicating someone tried to force their way into the church and 2) The words “You’ll Burn For This” carved into the side of the church under a window (very interesting…)

Later that night Rick and the group celebrate eating the food they found at the food bank. Rick has a chat with Gabriel and tells him he knows he is harboring a secret and threatens to kill Gabriel if that secret puts his group (which he considers a family) in danger or harms them in any way. Carol goes outside and is on the verge of tears when Daryl finds her. Suddenly a car speeds down the road that Daryl immediately recognizes as the car that took Beth and smashes the brake lights and drives off with Carol in the car the group found earlier, chasing after the other car.

Bob decides to take a stroll outside (which is never a good idea) and begins to cry (something tells me he was bitten by a walker earlier and that’s why he is crying). Bob is knocked unconscious by a mysterious hooded figure, unbeknownst to the rest of the group. Bob wakes up and sees Gareth sitting in front of him! Gareth tells Bob how angry he is at Rick and his group for destroying his home (Terminus), explaining that his group was forced to become Hunters (cannibals) out of necessity, not want. The camera pans to show Gareth and the rest of his group sitting around a camp fire eating meat, which is revealed to be Bob’s leg (which could possibly be tainted), which they cut off (wow, that is very disturbing) leaving Bob to scream in terror (understandably so) ending the episode.

What I liked: The intro with Rick and the group walking in slow-motion and bad-ass fashion up a road. 

Rick not trusting Gabriel, and believing he is harboring some secret.

Rick threatening to kill Gabriel if the secret he is hiding from everyone puts his group in danger.

Carl discovering the words “You’ll Burn For This” carved into the side of the church.

Tara having the guts to admit to Maggie that she was with The Governor (but not realizing how psychotic he was), who was responsible for killing Maggie’s dad Hershel.

Daryl and Carol chasing after the car that took Beth.

Gareth kidnapping Bob, and cutting his leg off showing just how ruthless he truly is.

What I disliked:

Seeing poor Bob cry, then get knocked unconscious and witness The Terminus group chowing down on his leg.

It being revealed that Tyreese didn’t kill that Terminus person in the cabin in the premiere, which will probably come back to bite Rick and his group in the ass.

Overall I enjoyed “Strangers,” it gave us a chance to take a breath, while also shocking the hell out of us at the end!


What about you? Did you enjoy the episode? Does Gareth and his Terminus group scare you? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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