The Walking Dead “No Sanctuary” Review


Well it’s October people and you know what that means, The Walking Dead is back! I finally had a chance to check out the season five premiere of The Walking Dead, and wow, this is how you write a premiere!


The last time we saw Rick and The Gang, they had just been held prisoner by the people in Terminus, when Rick noticed something was not right about these people. They put up a fight only to be outnumbered and outgunned and forced into a train car by the Terminus people. I had never anticipated a premiere more after the end of season 4, because the show’s quality has vastly improved since Scott M. Gimple took over as show-runner. Season 3 was a mixed bag and the season 3 finale was a huge disappointment, promising us a war between Rick’s group and The Governor’s group. Instead we got a few gun shots and The Governor running off like a scared dog with his tail between his legs. Season 4’s premiere was great and so was the rest of the season despite having its slow moments, but ultimately it was a big improvement over season 3.

“No Sanctuary” picks up where we left off, and Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Carl, and Bob are taken out of the train car and about to be slaughtered like cattle over a trough (it is finally confirmed that the people at Terminus are cannibals) when a loud bang is heard and gun shots follow. We find out later Carol led a herd of zombies towards Terminus (having encountered another Terminus person with Tyrese, who mentioned that they had captured Carl and Michonne) and uses her rifle to fire a propane tank leading to a massive explosion! (causing the loud bang heard earlier) Within minutes Terminus is overrun with walkers! (Nicely done Carol!)

Rick waits and guts both men who were about to kill Rick and his friends and Rick and the group find some weapons. Rick and the others escape and kill most of the Terminus people, (especially Rick who is just spraying bullets into every Terminus person), despite the fact they are being attacked by zombies. Carol frees the rest of the group and encounters Mary (one of the Terminus people). Mary tells Carol that Terminus was originally a sanctuary until a group of marauders came and raped and killed several of their people and they became cannibals to survive. Carol angry at Mary for what she did to her friends leaves the room allowing a group of walkers to enter and kill her. We get some flashbacks in the episode showing us how The Terminus people became cannibals, being captured by some real psychopaths, leading Gareth (the leader of Terminus) to realize you are either the butcher or the cattle, and declaring they will take back Terminus.

In a post-credits scene a man in a mask is seen walking towards the signs leading to Terminus realizing it isn’t safe, taking off their mask and revealing it is Morgan! He follows a tree marked with an X and walks in the opposite direction.

Overall I really enjoyed “No Sanctuary,” it was exactly what I wanted out of a premiere. There was plenty of action, walkers, gore and teasers to keep me interested for awhile. The Walking Dead has returned to form and I am loving the direction of this season so far. I am loving this new “Brutal” Rick Grimes, he is been through way too much at this point to show mercy, and has become a total bad-ass. Speaking of bad-ass, how about that Carol! She is really growing into a real awesome character! One of favorite elements of the show is how they are illustrating that the walkers are not the only monsters, people can be monsters too (and in some cases worse than the walkers).

I also love how the episode title can be interpreted in two ways: 1) Terminus was no sanctuary, and 2) There is no sanctuary in this world. This was an explosive premiere (no pun intended), with plenty of action, developments, including character development, and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!


What say you? Did you enjoy “No Sanctuary?” Are you loving this new insane/brutal Rick Grimes? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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