Arrow 301 The Calm Review and The Flash 101 Review


I’ve decided to do something a little different here, I’m going to do two reviews in one post! I have had the chance to see the season 3 premiere of Arrow and The Flash series premiere, so I thought I would give my thoughts on both!


Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 The Calm:

When we last saw team arrow, they had just successfully (not easily I might add) stopped Death Stroke from destroying Starling City and locked him in a cell on the Island of Lian Yu. The premiere picks up five months later, and team Arrow seems to be cleaning up the streets of Starling City, along with a fully suited up Roy, who is pretty badass if I do say so myself. Things are looking good for Team Arrow, Diggle is about to become a father, Detective Lance has been promoted to Captain, and removes the task force in charge of catching The Vigilante (Arrow) and the streets are getting cleaned up. Oliver asks Felicity out on a date, but of course things don’t go as planned. Their date is interrupted by the new Vertigo (Peter Stormare), who seems to be Arrow’s version of The Scarecrow from Batman. He even has changed the original Vertigo drug to make people experience their worst fears, and interestingly enough Oliver’s worst fear is himself. We are also introduced to Ray Palmer, (The Atom), and he is trying to buy Queen Consolidated and re-brand Starling City, “Star City” (a reference to the city in the Green Arrow comics). Oliver with the help of Roy and a surprise team up with Sara ( Black Canary) ends up stopping Vertigo. Felicity and Oliver decide to hold off on their romance, because Oliver’s life IS being The Arrow, and it’s too dangerous. Barry Allen wakes up from his coma and asks to meet with Oliver, but we are shown Sara talking to Laurel before she leaves. Sara is shown on a rooftop and we hear a voice and it’s clear the person is using a voice changer. The person is familiar to Sara and she is shot with three arrows before falling off the roof and landing in front of Laurel.(wow, did not see that coming!) Sara’s mask falls off and lands in front of Laurel (indicating she will become Black Canary). Laurel is seen crying over Sara’s body, which ends the episode.

Overall I really enjoyed this premiere, and think it is the best premiere of Arrow yet! I loved the story-line, the introduction of new characters, the development of Roy and Diggle, and at least getting some acknowledgment that Felicity and Oliver have feelings for each other. The Calm was a great way to start off the new season, with plenty of action, drama and plenty of questions!


The Flash Episode I

The Flash is a spinoff of Arrow, which introduced the character Barry Allen, who becomes the superhero The Flash, and even later a future member of The Justice League. The episode opens with the cliche superhero narrating his own origin story (very akin to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man). An eleven year old Barry Allen wakes up to see his mother scared and surrounded by a ball of yellow and red lightning before he appears on a street blocks away from his house. Barry claims this ball of lightning killed his mom, but his father ends up being blamed for her murder. We fast forward 14 years and Barry Allen is a CSI for Central City, helping Detective Joe West (who raised him after Barry’s mom died) solve crimes. The night the S.T.A.R Labs particle accelerator is turned on Barry Allen is struck by lightning and ends up in a coma, while everyone, including his best friend Iris West (the daughter of Joe West) believes him to be dead. At the same time the particle accelerator malfunctioned during its public unveiling, Detective West and his partner, with the help of Barry tracked down a criminal named Clyde Mardon, who supposedly died in a plane crash when during his escape his plane was hit by lightning.

Nine months later Barry suddenly wakes up from his coma and meets two scientists Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon (who work for Doctor Harrison Wells) as well as Harrison Wells, the scientist behind the particle accelerator, that malfunctioned covering all of Central City in radiation, that gave Barry and presumably many others powers (being labeled Metahumans). Barry is told by Harrison Wells that he was in a coma for nine months and goes on to mention that the malfunctioning particle accelerator left him disgraced and in a wheel chair. He goes on to say that doctors thought Barry was dead while he was in his coma because they couldn’t pick up his heartbeat on an EKG machine. The truth being that Barry’s heart was beating too fast for it to register on the EKG (wow!). Barry soon realizes there is something different about him and that he can move incredibly fast. In fact, he can move so fast that from his perspective everything and everyone else moves in slow motion!

A mysterious man has been robbing banks and killing people in Central City, and the weird part is it appears he has a power of his own! Barry soon discovers that it is in fact Clyde Mardon, who somehow survived the plane crash! Not only that but Clyde now has the power to control the weather! Barry, along with the help of Caitlin and Cisco decide to stop Clyde, and Barry is given a suit that is heat resistant, being able to withstand his fast speeds. Barry manages to stop Clyde (revealing his abilities to Detective West and saving him in the process). Barry meets with Oliver Queen (Arrow) and tells him what’s happened. Barry doubts he can be a hero, and Oliver gives him the cliche and rather corny “you can inspire people” speech we have been accustomed to lately.

The episode ends with Harrison Wells at S.T.A.R. Labs opening a door to a secret room and stepping out of his wheel chair (revealing he is not paralyzed) and taking off his glasses (in a very sinister manner). He places his hand on some scanner that shows a newspaper headline appear on screen mentioning how The Flash has disappeared, showing the date to be 2024!

Overall I really enjoyed this episode, minus the cheesy Oliver and Barry conversation. This premiere had a decent story, great action, great special effects, great drama, and a head-scratcher of an ending! The Flash has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to see how it blends with The Arrow universe!


What did you think about both premieres, did they excite you/disappoint you? Do you like how many superhero shows there are now on TV? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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