Grace Point Pilot Review


The pilot of the murder mystery series Gracepoint (the American version of The British murder mystery series, Broadchurch) hit our TV screens last night.


The show takes place in a small California town called Gracepoint, where a local boy’s body is found on the town’s beach. Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) returns to work having had a two week vacation and is shocked to discover that the promotion she was promised was given to another Detective, who is new to Gracepoint, Emmett Carver (David Tennant). Through the investigation Detectives Miller and Carver discover that based on the trajectory of Danny’s body, he did not jump off the cliff, he was not pushed, and he did not commit suicide. The man in charge of the crime scene unit says that Danny was facing his attacker when he died…interesting.

Detective Carver leads the investigation and Detective Miller soon discovers that the boy who was found on the beach is Danny Solano, the best friend of her twelve year old son.┬áDanny’s mother finds out that her son has not shown up at home and ends up making it to the crime scene, getting through police detail. After investigating more, Detectives Miller and Carver decide to rule the death of Danny Solano a homicide. Ellie’s nephew Owen (a reporter for the local paper) sees Danny’s sister placing a stuffed animal near his memorial on the beach, and assumes the boy is Danny and probes his Aunt (who is Detective Miller) to find out the truth. Ellie will not confirm or deny that the body found is Danny, but Owen leaks the information via a social media site. Once the town knows the body has been identified as a local resident, the townspeople freak out because there has never been a murder in Gracepoint.

Detective Carver says he wants to start interviewing people and asks if he can interview Ellie’s son. Ellie says she has not told her son yet, but she will and Detective Carver can interview him after. Ellie tells her son Tom, that Danny is dead and he seems surprised, but not really bothered by it considering Danny was his best friend. When Ellie finishes talking to Tom and leaves his room, Tom is seen deleting texts to Danny, and deleting his entire hard drive…what?!

The episode ends with Detective Carver holding a TV press conference and making a statement saying they will find Danny Solano’s killer.

Overall I enjoyed Gracepoint, it was an interesting hour of television and I am looking forward to seeing more. I cannot even begin to guess who killed Danny and why, but I have a feeling there are some twists coming. I am excited to see the performances of Anna Gunn and David Tennant and to see how Detectives Ellie Miller and Emmett Carver work on this case. I enjoyed the pilot of Gracepoint, so that’s why I’m giving it an 8/10!


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