Doctor Who Series 8 Possible Theories


Okay, so if you have been watching the new series of Doctor Who then you know we have a few new things happening. We have a new Doctor (played fantastically by Peter Capaldi), and a new love interest for The Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, Danny Pink, who is a Math teacher at Coal Hill School. We also have a new dynamic between Clara and The Doctor, The Doctor is more of a father figure to her and perhaps even a bit avuncular as well.


We have a different and darker Doctor who is not afraid to do what is necessary to protect those that he cares about, and can be very cold at times. Finally, we have the introduction to a new character, perhaps new villain in Missy, who claims to be some kind of ruler of Heaven/The Promised Land. Okay so let’s get into some speculation here!

First off let’s talk about the new Doctor. The Twelfth Doctor is angrier, grumpier and less approachable than his past incarnations. He still has his joyful, fun and Doctorish moments, but has a darker side to him that when it comes out, you better watch out! This incarnation of The Doctor is questioning whether he is a good man or not, which I suspect will be answered this series, maybe by the finale. You can tell he wants to be a good man, but he knows that his mercy and second chances with enemies have cost him dearly in the past. This Doctor wants to learn from his past mistakes, and knows that some enemies cannot be negotiated with, and must be killed if need be. Murray Gold plays this creepy music at times when The Twelfth Doctor is on screen that sounds like a scream and has a very foreboding tone to it, almost as if telling the audience that this Doctor can be very very dark when he wants to be.

I have some theories as to why The Twelfth Doctor is much darker than his recent incarnations, and what is going on with the other characters, so let’s get into them!

1. The Doctor is The Valeyard, or is about to become The Valeyard

This theory has been all over the internet ever since Peter Capaldi made his quick cameo in The Day of The Doctor and we saw those angry eyebrows of his. I like to go with this theory because it makes a lot of sense, based on what we have seen with Capaldi’s Doctor so far. The Twelfth Doctor is fiercer, angrier, and quite possibly more ruthless than he has ever been. The Great Intelligence even warned The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), that he would have many names before the end “…the Storm, the Beast, the Valeyard.” Now I think that it could be a result of getting a new regeneration cycle, or maybe something went wrong with the new regeneration cycle. Perhaps The Doctor becoming The Valeyard is a fixed point in time, who knows, who knows! The Twelfth Doctor being this dark just seems odd to me, I suspect he is going down a path that will lead him into becoming The Valeyard.

2. Is Danny Pink hiding something?

As far as we know Danny Pink is a Math teacher, who used to be a soldier, and apparently killed a civilian at some point. Is Danny Pink really who he appears to be? I mean it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for him to be lying about who he is. As of right now I believe Danny Pink is a force for good, but I could be wrong. Okay, so here is the interesting question, if Danny Pink isn’t who he says he is, then who is he?

Well, Danny Pink could be an undercover agent recruited by UNIT who is keeping watch on Clara and possibly The Doctor. I mean Danny used to be a soldier, so it wouldn’t be hard for him to jump into that role again.

Here is a theory I have thought of, maybe Danny Pink is a Time Lord, but is using a FOB watch to stay hidden. If this is true, he could either be The Master in disguise, or just a surviving Time Lord from The Time War, which could still be really interesting. Okay onto the next theory!

3. Who is Missy?

Ever since she was introduced at the end of Deep Breath, Whovians have been wondering, just exactly who is Missy? Now I know all the popular ones, she is The Rani, she is Romana, and she is a female Master. But why does she have to be a returning villain? It is certainly possible that Missy is a character from The Doctor’s past that we have never met. Here are my theories as to who Missy might be.

Missy is a future incarnation of The Doctor, who is trying to stop Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, before he becomes The Valeyard. Maybe she is building an army to fight him. Based on what we have seen so far, Missy seems to be aware of the new Doctor, and his new accent, commenting on how she thinks she will keep it. I would not be opposed to this as long as it is done right, and doesn’t feel like a let down of a reveal.

Missy is The Valeyard, and wants revenge on The Doctor and plans to destroy him once and for all. Missy gives off this weird vibe to be, and I could totally buy her being a Time Lady.

Missy is a future version of Clara who wants revenge on The Doctor for possibly betraying her trust, explaining the ‘boyfriend’ comment she made to the Half-Face Man in Deep Breath.

Missy is just a new character, possibly from The Doctor’s past, who controls another dimension called The Nethersphere. Missy could know the whereabouts of Gallifrey and might possibly be holding it as a bargaining chip to use against The Doctor. Now onto my final theory!

4. What is Heaven/The Promised Land?

As far as we know The Promised Land is where the enemies and some allies of The Doctor have ended up after death, or possibly before death. But, is The Promised Land really Heaven or the afterlife, or is this just some kind of Matrix-like world, being used for some unknown and possibly nefarious purpose? Knowing Steven Moffat’s writing, I strongly suspect that The Promised Land is not really Heaven, but another dimension where all the dead are being brought to for some unknown reason. Perhaps an army to fight The Doctor, as some sort of revenge plot against The Doctor? Only time will tell!

What say you?  Do you agree with my theories? Do you disagree with my theories? Do you have a theory as to who Missy is or what The Promised Land is? Let me in the comments!


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