Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 6: The Caretaker Spoiler Review


Well folks we have officially reached the half-way mark in series 8 of Doctor Who! Peter Capaldi officially has 6 episodes as The Doctor under his belt! The Caretaker was one of my most anticipated episodes of series 8, and for the most part I enjoyed it. Okay let’s get into the episode!


Quick summary of the episode, Clara is having a difficult time trying to balance her adventures with The Doctor and her new relationship with Danny Pink. We are shown shots of Clara running out of The TARDIS and immediately into a date with Danny, giving us the sense of how difficult it is for Clara trying to hide her life with The Doctor from Danny. The Doctor incapacitates The Caretaker at Coal Hill and takes his place and goes undercover to investigate some strange things happening at the school. The Doctor finds out that an alien robot called a Skovox Blitzer, (which is a perfect killing machine) is wreaking havoc at Coal Hill, including killing a policeman. We are introduced to Courtney Woods (Ellis George), a student at Coal Hill (who I personally don’t care for). We have seen glimpses of her, and she does not respect authority, especially Clara,who is her English teacher. The Doctor finds out that the guy Clara is dating works at Coal Hill School, but incorrectly guesses it is a teacher who wears a bowtie and resembles The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith). The Doctor seems very pleased at the idea of Clara dating a man who resembles his past incarnation haha. The Doctor eventually meets Danny Pink and does not like him because he used to be a soldier and he does not respect him, even calling him a P.E. (Physical Education) teacher. Eventually Danny helps The Doctor destroy The Skovox Blitzer and at least wins points with him and his approval to date Clara. Finally we are shown the policeman wake up in a white room, and is greeted by a man (Chris Addison of The Thick of It fame). The man then gestures towards his boss, who we see is Missy, revealing the policeman is in The Promised Land. He says that Missy (the woman who has been appeared in Deep Breath and Into The Dalek) is too busy to deal with him at the moment.

Overall I enjoyed the episode, but the villain wasn’t that menacing and was a bit of a letdown. Capaldi was amazing as usual, and I enjoyed seeing him try to fit in, but fail horribly, being unable to act normal haha. Jenna Coleman was great in the episode being able to convey how exhausted she is from balancing her life with The Doctor and her life with her new boyfriend. Samuel Anderson was great as Danny Pink, and you can tell he can hold his own and isn’t afraid to stand up to The Doctor. Capaldi continues to wow me as The Doctor and I cannot wait for next week’s episode. It was great seeing the meeting and interaction between Danny Pink and The Doctor! Despite seeing Capaldi’s Doctor try and fail to blend in with humans, The Skovox Blitzer was a weak villain and that’s why I am giving this episode a 7/10.


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