Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 6 : The Caretaker Preview


I’m doing something a little different here, I usually like to review a TV show, but I thought why not preview one! Okay so if you have been watching Doctor Who up until this point then you know the recent episodes have been a mixed bag (I’m looking at you Time Heist). However I tend to be a pretty optimistic person, and believe the next half of series 8 will be better. I am very much looking forward to Saturday’s new episode titled The Caretaker. I have a lot of hope for this episode and I wanted to talk about what could truly make it a great episode.

Okay, so in this episode The Doctor discovers that something is amiss at Coal Hill School and pretends to be the new Caretaker to investigate. We are promised that The Doctor will meet Danny Pink and that they will clash at first. We also already know that The Doctor is using his classic John Smith alias. I don’t know about you, but I think that some of the best episodes of Doctor Who are when The Doctor pretends to be normal and blend in with society.

For The Caretaker to truly be a great episode, it needs to have a few different things.

1. References to the past

Now by this I don’t mean we need to be inundated with references to past adventures, but maybe just some small mentions to past adventures where The Doctor was trying to blend in with humans. I personally would love a reference to School Reunion, The Lodger, Closing Time, and or An Unearthly Child. Perhaps even a mention of Ian Chesterton? If I get any of those, I will be one very happy Whovian :D!

2. A cameo/cameos from past companions

I think one of the things that made School Reunion a great and memorable episode was the reunion of Sarah Jane Smith (The Third and mostly Fourth Doctor’s companion) and The Doctor (David Tennant). Sadly Elisabeth Sladen has passed away and she cannot make an appearance (R.I.P). Now I would love to see The Doctor bump into a past companion, that could be funny. Now the episode can still be good without a companion cameo, but it’s just something that could put it above other episodes.

3. The Doctor working with a past companion to save the day

Another thing that made School Reunion a great episode is that Sarah Jane Smith didn’t just have a cameo, but she was very integral to the plot, because she helped The Doctor take on the bad guys and even saved his life with the help of K-9! In The Lodger, Craig helped destroy the ship that was disguising itself as the second floor of his apartment, and in Closing Time, he helped destroy The Cybermen converting humans in the department store. If we do not get an interaction with a past companion, hopefully we at least get a mention or reference to them.

4. Someone realizing The Caretaker is The Doctor in disguise

One of my favorite moments from Doctor Who is when Sarah Jane Smith notices The TARDIS and finally meets the then new Doctor (David Tennant) in School Reunion. I would love for someone at Coal Hill School to recognize the name John Smith is an alias The Doctor used before and they realize The Caretaker is in fact The Doctor.

These are just a few things I would love to see in The Caretaker on Saturday. What say you? What would you like to see in The Caretaker? Do you agree with my “wish list” of ideas? Sound off in the comments!


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