Supernatural Season Nine Review



Supernatural will be achieving a milestone this year. On October 7th, 2014, Supernatural will start it’s tenth season, since it premiered in 2005. Seeing as we are now less than two months away from the new season, I thought I would give my thoughts and review of the ninth season of Supernatural. Now I will be the first to admit that the show has been on too long and I hope that it ends either this year or next year in 2015.

I feel like some shows either are cut too short (Firefly), leave on a high note (Breaking Bad), or overstay their welcome (How I Met Your Mother). I really want Supernatural to end on a high note, even though in all honesty seasons 1-5 are great, 6 is pretty good, 7 was okay, 8 and 9 are great, bringing the show back to form. If Supernatural ends after 11 seasons, I think that would be a victory in the minds of all the people involved on the show because very few shows even make it to the tenth season mark.

Now for those unfamiliar with the premise of Supernatural, the show takes place in modern day (2005 when the show begins) and focuses on two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Sam and Dean were raised as Hunters by their dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) after their mother was killed by an unknown supernatural force (no pun intended) and their childhood home was burnt to the ground. John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Sam and Dean’s father spends the rest of his life tracking down whatever it is that killed his wife Mary. This sends John down a path, where he learns about hunters, people who track, stop and if need be destroy supernatural creatures, such as vampires, demons, ghosts, werewolves etc. Sam and Dean grow up to become hunters themselves, after Sam gives a go at trying to become a lawyer, but is pulled back into the “family business,” when Dean shows up at his dorm at Stanford University saying their father is missing. This is where the show picks up and there is a lot that happens between then and now, and it’s worth watching.


If you have seen the show, then you know that the eighth season ended with God’s messenger, Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) tricking and betraying Castiel (Misha Collins) into kicking all the Angels out of Heaven causing them to fall and forced to find new vessels. Sam and Dean were determined to close the gates of Hell for good, by completing trials written on Demon tablets that were discovered by the Prophet, Kevin Tran. Sam was able to rescue Bobby from Hell, and bathe in the blood of a Hell Hound (and yes it is as gross as it sounds). The final trial was curing a Demon, but Sam opted not to cure Crowley, being talked out of it by Dean, but the trials have taken a toll on Sam physically and he is pretty worse for wear.

Season Nine opens with seeing the repercussions of all these angels falling from heaven and how Sam and Dean react to it, especially when they find out that Castiel is mortal. Sam ends up in a hospital in a coma, a result from the Demon trials and Dean is worried and afraid to be alone, causing him to make a life-altering decision. Dean encounters an angel named Ezekiel who is very weak from the fall, but offers to possess Sam so that he can heal Sam, while also healing himself. The catch is that Dean knows that Sam would never say yes to an Angel possessing him. Therefore Ezekiel takes the form of Dean inside Sam’s head tricking him into allowing Ezekiel to possess him. Ezekiel promises Dean that Sam will not know he is being possessed and will only leave, when he believes he has healed enough. Meanwhile Castiel is learning how to be a human, while another faction of Angels, who does not support Metatron emerges. Eventually Sam finds out about Ezekiel, who turns out to be Gadreel, the angel responsible for letting the Serpent into The Garden of Eden. Abaddon (a Knight of Hell, that Sam supposedly destroyed) is resurrected by some loyal Demons who refuse to accept Crowley as their new king and it creates different factions of demons, those who support Abaddon and those who support Crowley. Dean and Sam are determined to find a way to destroy Abaddon for good this time. Dean becomes best buds with Crowley and they start to have a bromance haha. Crowley tells Dean about Cain (as in Cain and Abel) and how he has information on a weapon that would be able to kill a Knight of Hell. Dean and Crowley meet Cain, who trained all the Knights of Hell. He carries the Mark of The First Blade, and is able to transfer it to someone worthy and transfers it to Dean, even though he warns of a terrible cost.

I was really glad to see Jensen Ackles finally get some interesting material to worth with. Nothing against Jared Padalecki, I think he is a very talented actor, but it felt like all of the interesting storylines were going to him. It was nice to finally see Jensen flex his acting muscles. When Dean retrieves The First Blade, you can see how it’s affecting him and how it’s changing him. It also calls back to the idea that Dean is and always will be a killer, which is what makes him an effective hunter. Dean becomes addicted to the Blade much like Sam became addicted to Demon blood, and when he is fighting Abaddon and eventually stabs and kills her with the First Blade, he admits that he knew he was unstoppable, and would not be beat by Abaddon. This revelation seems a little incredible, while also unsettling at the same time, because Dean relishes being unbeatable and killing these creatures that he hates with all his being. Sam can see the effect The First Blade is having on Dean, but Dean is so caught up with the power he has he doesn’t give it a second thought. Eventually Dean tries to take on Metatron with The First Blade, but is overmatched and killed by Metatron! Castiel with the help of the other Angels, including Gadreel (who after fighting on Metatron’s side decides that Metatron does not want to help the angels and sacrifices himself by stabbing himself with an angel blade saving Castiel from imprisonment) destroys the Angel tablet, which Metatron had been using to “write his own version of the Gospel.” Instead of killing Metatron, Castiel and the other Angels imprison him and start rebuilding Heaven. Sam runs to Dean finding him bleeding to death and eventually watches Dean die. Back at the Men of Letter’s bunker Dean is lying on his bed dead, while Sam angrily tries to summon Crowley. Crowley visits Dean and reveals that The Mark of Cain will not let him die, explaining that Cain died, but came back as a Demon because the Mark of Cain would not let go of him. As he says this the camera pans over Dean and he opens his eyes, revealing black Demonic eyes! Wow what a season!

Overall, I loved Season Nine and am very much looking forward to Season 10 and seeing how Sam reacts to Demon Dean, and how this will effect their relationship! Great acting by Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and especially Jensen Ackles and Curtis Armstrong! I give this season a 10/10!


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