Batman V. Superman Teaser Reaction/Review



This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. was nice enough to show a quick teaser of the upcoming superhero film Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thanks to some sneaky comic con attendee who decided to film the teaser with his trusty smartphone, people were able to see the new teaser! I happened to see it before it was taken down from Youtube, and wow was it awesome!

For those who missed the new teaser, here is what happened. It’s raining outside at night (with heavy/intense drumming in the background to set the mood) and on a rooftop we see Batman (Ben Affleck) pulling off a tarp covering the bat signal. He turns on the bat signal and positions it, shining it into the sky, and at first it seems like he is just shining it into the clouds, but then all of a sudden Superman (Henry Cavill) appears! Superman’s eyes are red from his heat vision and he looks angry! We than pan over to Batman and his eyes are bright white, and then you can see he is wearing an armored suit (very similar to the armored suit in “The Dark Knight Returns) and ready to fight! Then boom, the Batman v Superman logo appears! (which is the Superman symbol combined with the Batman symbol)

It was clear from the video, that the crowd loved this teaser! There were probably a lot of comic book fans who understood the scene and also the reveal of the armored suit Batman was sporting. Fans of the Frank Miller comic book, “The Dark Knight Returns” know that when Batman fights Superman in Gotham, he is wearing an armored suit which gives him an upper hand in the fight against The Man of Steel. Batman V. Superman looks like it will be heavily influenced by “The Dark Knight Returns” comic based on the tone of this new teaser, and I think that’s a very good thing.

I know some people were upset that we only got a short teaser, but they are still in the process of filming Batman V Superman, so it’s understandable they only had a short clip. I am happy we got something!

This teaser has me very excited for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I look forward to seeing how it leads into The Justice League film! Overall I give the teaser a 10/10!

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