Doctor Who Series 8 Full Trailer Reaction/Review



Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the first full trailer for series eight of Doctor Who hit the web, after airing on BBC One at half-time during The World Cup. I have seen the trailer, and wanted to talk about my initial reaction/thoughts and overall reaction and review to the trailer.

Okay, let me just say…wow! What a trailer! It seems like this Doctor is going to be a lot different from Matt Smith’s version, and the show is going in a whole new direction! There is a lot packed into this sixty-five second trailer.

We see the first image of the new TARDIS control lever, which if you look carefully looks exactly like the same lever we saw in Peter Capaldi’s brief cameo in The Day of The Doctor. I am hoping that the shot of the TARDIS control lever ties into The Day of The Doctor somehow, but that there is some build up to it, even if it takes a couple of seasons worth of story. We are shown some shots of new monsters and of course the daleks. We also see the first image of the new TARDIS interior, and I have got to say I love it! The color of the new time rotor/column seems to have an orange tinge to it, which makes The TARDIS look brighter and more vibrant.

Then we get the first image of Peter Capaldi since his brief introduction at the end of The Time of The Doctor! He looks more angry and fierce than Matt Smith’s Doctor, yay! We are shown multiple images while Capaldi’s voice can be heard in the background saying “I’m the Doctor. I’ve lived for over 2,000 years. I’ve made many mistakes, and it’s about time I did something about that.” What could The Doctor be referring to or talking about? The way I see it, these “mistakes” could be interpreted in a few different ways. 1) The Doctor wants to undo certain wrongs from his past, 2) The Doctor wants to make up for past wrongs by changing how he deals with enemies new and old, 3) The Doctor is going back to a “no second chances” type of man, where he doesn’t hesitate to take action and or possibly destroy his enemies, especially if he considers them a big enough threat.


“The Face that scared 1,000 Daleks.”

Next we see The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in The TARDIS and Clara asks “where are we going?” and The Doctor says “Into darkness,” in the most foreboding tone. I will admit the moment The Doctor said “into darkness,” I was all in! This Doctor looks to be more dangerous, fierce, tough and more badass than Matt Smith’s Doctor.

TwelfthDoctor 2

Clara: Where are we going?

The Doctor: Into darkness.

Finally we see The Doctor ask Clara “Clara, tell me, am I a good man?” and Clara’s response is “I…I don’t know.” I think Clara’s response is a reaction to the new Doctor’s personality not the Doctor as a character. I love Clara’s answer to The Doctor’s question, it seems that Clara is questioning this Doctor since he regenerated at the end of The Time of The Doctor and wondering what kind of man he really is. I cannot wait to see how this plays out!

Well I thought this first full trailer for the new season/series of Doctor Who was incredible! Plenty of new images and footage to whet our appetites, as well as a glimpse of what to expect from Peter Capaldi’s Doctor! I  am very much looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor! August 23rd cannot come soon enough!

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