Peter Capaldi Will Be One of The Best Doctors and Here is Why…


Near the end of August, the popular british science fiction TV series Doctor Who will be returning and a new Doctor portrayed by Peter Capaldi will be appearing on our screens. Now I understand a lot of people will be upset not to see Matt Smith anymore, as will I, but I’m going to talk about why I think Peter Capaldi will do a great job following Matt Smith’s Eleventh/Twelfth Doctor (depending on how you look at it).

First of all, Peter Capaldi is a Doctor Who fan, and I believe this is great news, because if you remember David Tennant was a huge fan, and he is widely regarded to be one of (if not) the best Doctors of all time. You might be thinking “Big deal, so he is a fan of the show, that doesn’t mean he will be a good Doctor!” Now while I understand that argument my reasoning for believing this will play into the fact that Capaldi will be a great Doctor is simple. Peter Capaldi understands how the fans feel about people constantly getting attached to one actor’s portrayal of the Doctor and then having their heart ripped out when that actor decides to leave the show and inevitably that version of the Doctor regenerates. I think Capaldi is going to bring to our screens a new interpretation of the Doctor that will honor Classic Who Doctors and the likes of Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith and David Tennant as well, while bringing something fresh to the character. I am not saying Capaldi should let the fans dictate how he should portray his version of The Doctor, only that I believe he will take great care with this character, because he is a fan and can understand how popular and iconic “The Doctor” is as a character.

Second is that Peter Capaldi will bring a gravitas to The Doctor that has been missing since Tennant and maybe even since the Classic Who era. I mean the look in his eyes in his brief cameo in “The Day of The Doctor” said “I am the Oncoming Storm,” which gets me very excited for his Doctor. Now Capaldi could have just had this intense “let’s get down to business look,” or he could be an angrier Doctor, only time will tell. I am hoping for another “no second chances,” Doctor, that would be amazing!

Third is that Peter Capaldi is a recognized actor and is most known for playing the spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in the british comedy series The Thick of It. I have seen a few episodes of the show, but Capaldi is hilarious in it, and if anything this proves he has comedic chops and could bring a little humor to his portrayal of the Doctor.

Fourth is Peter Capaldi grew up watching Classic Who so he can bring something new to the character while also honoring and paying homage to the Classic Doctors he grew up with.

I am very excited to see Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of The Doctor and August 23rd cannot come soon enough!

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