“Man of Steel” Review


“Man of Steel” review

June 15, 2013 at 1:10am

Okay let me preface this by saying, I have zero experience writing a review for anything let alone a film and  I wrote this at the request of my cousin. Alright let’s talk about “Man of Steel.” 

    “Man of Steel” is a collaboration of the great mind that is Christopher Nolan and the visually stunning film director Zach Snyder who brought us the films “300” and “Watchmen.” I have to say after having just viewed the film their collaboration results in a fresh, amazing, and exhilarating origin story for the character of Superman. The film does a great job of making you empathize with Clark Kent (Superman) through a series of flashbacks to his childhood. I won’t go into detail about what happens in these flashbacks, but suffice to say you get a great understanding of how Clark feels when he is discovering his powers and how different he actually is from everyone else. These flashbacks are meant to hit you on a deep emotional level and make you feel for Clark as he is trying to find his place in this world. The flashbacks succeed in making the audience forget that Clark Kent is a super-powered alien and you feel for him as a person. 

    The film itself actually begins on Krypton, and we get a good setup for what’s to come later on in the film. We are shown the planet of Krypton and how the leadership is failing to protect the planet from its own destruction, because the Kryptonians are draining their planet of its natural resources. A series of events including General Zod’s military coup lead to Jor-El played wonderfully by Russel Krowe to save his son from Zod and his forces. Jor-El sends his son Kal-El to earth where he will be safe from Zod. I don’t want to ruin anymore of the plot so I’ll just summarize what I thought of the movie in different categories.

Acting: The acting in this film is incredible. Everytime Russel Crowe is on the screen he steals every scene, he has so much screen presence, and he commands every scene he is in. He does a very good job of portraying a father who wants a better life for his son, and believes he is destined for greatness. Henry Cavill is fantastic as Clark Kent (Superman), some of his character development we get from flashbacks to his childhood, but you also see him grow to become the hero known as Superman. Unfortunately we do not get to see Cavill flex his acting muscles in this film, hopefully that will come in the sequel. However we do get a sense of the kind of person Clark (Kal-El) is and the values and morals that guide him. Michael Shannon is good as Zod, but he is a little over the top at times, which is how Zod is supposed to be portrayed, so it works for the film. A sidenote, Russel Crowe is in this film longer than you would think, which actually works very well for the film because his portrayal of Jor-El is amazing. 

Plot: The plot is a little different than what I originally anticipated, but in no way did that ruin the experience of the film itself. This film was fun, sad, suspenseful, action-packed, and just a fun ride to experience! This in my opinion was a great origin story for Superman. For those of you who were waiting for a Superman movie that showcases his power and strength, then this is the movie for you. We get to see how powerful and strong and special Kal-El is especially when he flies.

Direction: I have heard many critics and people familiar with Zach Snyder’s directing, call him a very “visual” director, and when you watch this film you know exactly what they mean. Every scene with Superman is so crisp and at times the camera zooms in on Superman as if you are playing a Superman videogame, but it’s fun and exhilarating and it really gives you an idea of what it feels like when Superman flies. The directing in this film also gives you a good sense of the strength and power Superman has and can use to pound his enemies or save an innocent civilian falling from a building. There is a lot of action in this movie, and the last hour or more is all action, but it doesn’t get tiresome, because there are breaks in between.

Music: Hans Zimmer wrote the score for “Man of Steel” and you can feel it as soon as the film starts, the build up for when Superman is about to kick ass, or save someone is just incredible. Hans Zimmer, like in The Batman films, manages to create a new theme for Superman, and I have to say it works for the film. Zimmer makes you fully aware of the terror of the sheer presence of Zod with his theme, which is so loud, powerful and foreboding that you really do fear for Earth when he shows up looking for Kal-El (Clark). The score is great throughout the film and really makes the film more exciting and exhilarating, especially when Superman learns how to fly, that scene is just unbelievable.

   My final verdict is that Man of Steel is an 8.5/10. If you are a Superman fan go see this movie, if you are a fan of good action or Superhero movies see this film. I believe that Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder do Superman justice with their take on the DC character of Superman in “Man of Steel.” However some people will not like the approach Snyder and Nolan take with Superman, because it is not as light and fun as the Richard Donner Superman films.

This is my first review, so any criticism or comments is welcomed.


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