The Flash “Infantino Street” (Season 3 Episode 22) Review


Wow, these past few episodes of The Flash have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and this recent one really tugs at the heartstrings!



– How everything felt like it was coming together, just like when Barry saw Iris die when he accidentally traveled into the future.

– Killer Frost/Caitlin asking Savitar AKA Future Barry/time remnant Barry if he really has it in him to kill Iris considering he has all of original Barry’s memories.

– Savitar gaining new memories when Barry recruits Captain Cold to steal Dominator tech from ARGUS, that was pretty cool.

– Savitar explaining to Caitlin how she needs to be there to fight Cisco. Is he taking a heavy hitter out of the fight to ensure his victory?

– Captain Cold returning to help out The Flash, they make a good team. They are the perfect good cop/bad cop.

– Joe and Iris’ heart to heart and confession about lies they told each other.

– Barry realizing that he cannot actively be involved in any part of the plan to stop Savitar because he would remember.

– Barry using the face tech to sneak into the ARGUS facility as Lyla. I have a feeling this will be used in some way to save Iris in the finale.

– Captain Cold explaining how he plans heists: Make the plan, Execute the plan, Expect the plan to go off the rails and then Throw away the plan! Love it haha

– Joe’s plan to hide Iris on Earth 2, it wasn’t a bad idea.

– Savitar pretending to be Barry and tricking HR into revealing the whereabouts of Iris, that was absolutely terrifying and screamed evil genius! 

– Captain Cold telling Barry to use his inherent goodness to defeat Savitar.

– Savitar defeating Wally and  breaking his leg, that was intense!

– Cisco realizing that his fight with Caitlin in the snowy forest was destined to happen. Please don’t let Cisco lose his hands!

– Barry trying to stop Savitar with the speed force bazooka and finding out it had no effect on him! Wow

– Savitar revealing The Philosopher’s Stone is a calcified speed force energy and he was prepared for the speed force bazooka! That scene was incredible.

– When Barry is running to stop Savitar from killing Iris, and it is juxtaposed with Iris reading her part of her wedding vows, which she recorded earlier in the episode.

– The episode ending with Savitar actually killing Iris, it was heartbreaking but it worked so well.

– The last fifteen minutes of the episode, it was so intense and I was on the edge of my seat! It was an adrenaline rush!


These final episodes feeling like filler, despite having cool moments and great scenes. It’s too late in the season for superfluous scenes and filler. Let’s get on with the action!

This section is new, but I will give it a shot anyways!


-Why does Savitar need Caitlin to keep Cisco away from him, is it a distraction?

– Does Savitar know Cisco is the key to his defeat and is purposely taking him off the proverbial chess board?

– Did Iris really die? If so, is Barry going to change it somehow?

– How will Barry defeat Savitar?

– Will Barry get help from the speed force?

All our questions will be answered in the season 3 finale next Tuesday!

The Flash “Cause and Effect”  (Season 3 Episode 21) Review


Well we finally found out who Savitar is and why he is, and needless to say things are going to get VERY interesting for Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash!



-Finding out Future Barry was Savitar but that (like a lot of fans theorized) he was a time remnant who survives the battle against Savitar.

– 2024 Barry’s conversation with Barry about creating time remnants to try and defeat Savitar only for ONE to be left alive (the time remnant that is destined to be become Savitar) actually being important and having huge implications.

– Savitar Barry explaining that Joe, Wally, Iris and the rest of team flash shunning him in the future because they don’t see him as THE TRUE Barry Allen and an aberration. I find it hard to believe that Team Flash would shun any version of Barry Allen. Maybe there is more to this story.

– Savitar wanting to kill Iris to ensure Barry’s fall into darkness leading him to become Savitar (this seemed like the only logical explanation for Barry wanting to kill Iris and was a theory of mine). 

– The short fight between Barry and Savitar and seeing that Savitar’s suit can operate without him in it!

– When time remnant Barry runs into his Savitar suit, that was awesome!

– When Barry and Savitar both charge at each other and throw lightning at each other causing a huge explosion!

– Cisco explaining that Future Barry becoming Savitar is a closed time loop. In the future Barry uses time remnants to try and defeat Savitar and lets one live so that they can become Savitar. Savitar travels back in time creating the myth that he was the first speedster and gaining followers to help him in his crusade to amass power and become a god.

– Cisco realizing (and the show confirming) that the message from Future Barry in 2056 found in the Wave Rider in “Legends of Tomorrow” about warning not to trust anyone including himself was a warning about Savitar!

– Amnesiac Barry saying that Bartholomew Henry Allen is a bad name haha.

Amnesiac Barry wanting to be called Bart, which is a reference to Barry’s speedster grandson, AKA Impulse from the comics!

– Amnesiac Barry looking at his hands and then Wally after Wally explains that they are brothers, and Wally’s funny grin, that was hilarious!

– Amnesiac Barry and Iris falling in love again, that was a great scene.

– Tracy and HR’s chemistry and their obsession with caffeine. Those two are adorable! 

– Cisco and Caitlin working together again and seeing how much Cisco cares for her.

– Killer Frost’s eyes changing back to Caitlin’s for a split second. Maybe she isn’t lost forever and there is still a chance to bring Caitlin back?

– Tracy and HR coming up with the Speed Force Cannon/Bazooka!

– When Iris realizes Barry needs the pain and tragedy from his past to make him a great hero and helps him remember.

– Barry having to steal tech that will power the Speed Force Cannon (that was taken from the Dominators in that four show crossover early this year).


– How this episode felt like filler, besides finding out some interesting details about Savitar.

– Having to wait until now to find out about Savitar, why wait so long?

Overall, I enjoyed “Cause and Effect” and I am looking forward to seeing how Barry stops Savitar and saves Iris!

The Flash “I Know Who You Are” Season 3 Episode 20 Review 


Well the moment all Flash fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, the identity of the speedster villain Savitar!


Savitar has been revealed at last and he is *drum roll please* leave now if you don’t want to know!

Okay…Savitar is a Future Barry Allen! To be more accurate a scarred and much older Barry Allen.

Now I am sure a lot of people are not surprised by this revelation considering a few important facts and details we knew about Savitar.

For one thing he knew EVERY member of Team Flash intimately, to the point we knew he had to have been a member of the team.

He knew specific details that ONLY Barry knew about, like how Cisco met his evil doppleganger Reverb on Earth 2. Savitar knew about Flashpoint and what would happen to Wally (how Wally got trapped in the speed force), how Caitlin would betray the team and how Iris would die (although that could change).

The big detail that made me think Savitar was a future Barry Allen was how he kept repeating, ” I am the future flash,” but it sounded like a pause in between future and flash to throw people off.






-The opening scene showing Barry confront Savitar and reveal he KNOWS who he is.

– Finding out that the scientist Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) is not yet the genius noble prize winning scientist she will be in four years.

– Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost and how she is now a villain. I wonder how long that will last.

– Seeing how Savitar cares about Caitlin and wants to see her reach her full potential as Killer Frost. He is probably manipulating her but it makes sense that Future Barry would reveal himself to Caitlin.

– Ciso’s intense and emotional speech to Julian about being afraid he will kill Caitlin with his Vibe powers (explaining why he held back when fighting her). Cisco is well aware of how powerful he is and despite Caitlin losing her way, he doesn’t want to hurt her.

– How Caitlin knew EVERY single word Barry was going to say to convince her to come back to the light and also knowing Cisco would hide up in the rafters.

– HR flirting with Tracy and also encouraging her to become the genius scientist she will be in 2021.

– Killer Frost learning to use her powers and using the ice as a surfboard to travel throughout Central City.

– When Barry realizes who Savitar is and we see a montage of all the scenes that foreshadowed it since Savitar said he was from the future.

– When Savitar finally reveals he is in fact a Future Barry Allen who is scarred and much older.

– When Future Barry says: “Like I told you from the beginning I am the future Flash.”

– How much the reveal of Savitar being Future Barry Allen makes sense considering the evidence.

– Not knowing why and how Barry turns into Savitar. I like the mystery.

– The ending scene where Barry Allen and Future Barry are on opposite sides of the screen and we know there is going to be an epic showdown.

– That it took so long for the writers to reveal who Savitar actually is, it seems a little silly to me.

Overall I really enjoyed “I Know Who You Are” and I cannot wait to see how Barry will deal with Savitar knowing he is his own worst enemy!