My Thoughts on The Snyder Cut Teaser Trailer


Last month at DC Fandome, director Zach Snyder released his teaser for his cut of Justice League and it had people talking!

Let me preface this by saying that I am a fan of Zach Snyder but I understand the criticism of his films. I really enjoyed Man of Steel and while I had my issues with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I still enjoyed it. Zach Snyder is an incredible filmmaker when it comes to his visuals and he always has amazing shots in his films. Despite all the negative comments made about his films in the DCEU, he still had a loyal fanbase, so loyal they were able to get AT&T and WB to finally release Zach Snyder’s cut and original vision of Justice League.


When I first saw Justice League or as others have so aptly called it Josstice League (due to it being directed and finished by Joss Whedon) I thought it was good. I wasn’t expecting a lot to be honest but I could tell it was edited heavily. I was completely fine with this version of the film, that is until there were rumblings of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League. I always wanted to see Zach Snyder’s vision and what he had planned for his Justice League and the new characters: Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

I recently had a chance to catch Josstice League on TV (the second time ive seen it since its initial release) and the thing that struck me immediately was the tonal shift from Zach’s precious films. It felt weird, and didn’t work for me. Batman was cracking jokes and Superman had a horrible cgi face (due to Paramount not letting Henry Cavill shave his mustache because of his contract for Mission Impossible: Fallout.) The characters felt different and there were too many jokes. To me at least it felt like the best scenes were filmed and written by Zach Snyder.

I enjoyed the tone Zach Snyder was going for in Batman v. Superman. My only gripe with that film was that things were rushed. Batman v. Superman could have easily been 3 films and then certain plot points would have felt earned SPOILER WARNING ie Batman and Superman fighting and Superman dying at the hands of Doomsday. I understand the old regime of WB pushed Snyder to rush Justice League in an attempt to catch up to Marvel, which is so idiotic and ridiculous in hindsight.

Now this brings me to the Snyder Cut Teaser that was released on Saturday August 22nd as part of DC Fandome (a DC virtual panel teasing all their upcoming projects). This teaser was great! It did what it needed to do and got me amped for the release on HBOMax in 2021.

The thing that I noticed immediately is that Zach Snyder’s Justice League feels tonally in line with Batman v. Superman and feels like a sequel to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman!

Here is just a quick recap of my favorite moments:

  • Starting off with Darkseid! Well Uxas a young Darkseid attempting to invade Earth 5000 years before the events of Justice League.
  • Superman in the black suit!
  • Barry Allen saving Iris from a car crash with some gorgeous visuals!
  • An awesome shot of Batman perched on a statue that looks like Death. Gone is the stupid tarp Whedon used to obsure the shot in Josstice League!
  • Cyborg playing football and watching his father die, damn that hit me in the feels! Im looking forward to more Cyborg and Victor Stone backstory
  • Lois looking up at a resurrected Clark!
  • Batman blocking blaster bolts from parademons with his gauntlett! Yes give me Batfleck being a badass!
  • The Flash running in the speedforce!
  • And last but certainly not least, Barry expressing concern that Steppenwolf has probally faced other Super powered beings on the other planets he has conquered and they might not be able to stop them, to which Batfleck replies

“I don’t care how many demons he’s fought in how many hells. He’s never fought us. Not us. United.” Damn!

As you can you see I really enjoyed the Snyder Cut teaser trailer! I am ready to see what he intended for his vision of Justice League and cannot wait for 2021!

Whether or not Zach Snyder’s Justice League is an amazing film, this is a HUGE win for fans, creativity and creators/artists! I for one am glad Zach Snyder finally gets to see his vision realized!

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